SOSE – Refugees

Hello students from room 11.

As you would know, we have been looking at the topic of immigration and refugees the past four weeks in SOSE. Continuing with this topic, I would like to hear your thoughts on the following question:

Do you think Australia should allow refugees into the country to seek asylum(shelter or protection from danger)?

Write three points for “YES, Australia should allow refugees into this country.”

Write three points for “NO, they shouldn’t allow refugees into this country.”

I would like you to elaborate on your answers. Each point should be around 2 to 3 sentences each. There will be no right or wrong answers to this activity because it is your opinion. However, you need to be mindful that this is a controversial topic and though your opinion counts, you should not be blaming anyone or offending any particular race, religion or nation. Remember this is a public blog and your responses can and will be seen by everyone. Inappropriate responses will be considered as SPAM which ultimately will be reflected in your reports.

Looking forward to hearing each and everyone of your individual thoughts.


Information on refugees

Should we allow refugees into Australia to seek asylum?

Should we allow refugees into Australia to seek asylum?

Mrs Wong.

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43 Responses to SOSE – Refugees

  1. Joshua Kang says:

    I think they should be able to come to Australia so that…..

    (1) They can have a better and safer home. Also so that they can be more healthy and so that they can start a new life.

    (2) They will not have to be threatened by religion or executed by the place that they may have come from. Also to feel safe and not have to be scared.

    (3) They can come here not being scared but to feel safe and better in our country because Australia is a lucky country to not have war or fighting so we should be helping others instead of leaving them out there to die.

    I think they should NOT come to Australia because they could…..

    (1) Hurt or harm other Australians and so that they will not try to change the thoughts and mind of others. Also so that they don’t try to teach there pain and suffering to other Australians.

    (2) Try to teach others of there religion and try to stop others from there religion and move to a refugees religion. Also so that they don’t change the religion of others.

    (3) Kill or turn into a criminal hurting other Australians and wrecking our property. Also so they don’t do what they would do in there country in our country.

    • Emily Wong says:

      Excellent points Joshua. Just a thought though, point 2 on why you think refugees shouldn’t be allowed into country, what do you mean by, “move to a refugee’s religion?”

      Other than that, keep up the good work you’ve been demonstrating in SOSE.

      Mrs Wong

    • Stephanie says:

      Australia should allow refugees in because:
      1) It’ll give them a better life. Most refugees come from countries that are in war.
      2) They have gone through too much. Refugees have had to flee their home country and have seen terrible things. They should get the life they deserve.
      3) Kids will have a better education here. In the countries that they live, the education is poor.

      NO, they shouldn’t allow refugees into this country because:
      1) Australia already has its own people to look after. It’ll be harder to teach refugees how to do things here.
      2) They might want to teach other Australians their religion. Some refugees come and teach people their religion and try to change us.
      3) They might break the law. sometimes, refugees break the law by accident as they don’t know the law.

      • Great points for both sides Steph. What makes you think the education system in the country where refugees are fleeing from is poor? It very well could be and I’m most interested in why you think this?

        Mrs Wong.

  2. Ryan OS says:

    YES, Australia should allow refugees into this country
    1) Because Australia is a multicultural country and not letting them in could be considered racist and they might end up having a worse life than they did back in their home country.
    2) Because they are humans too, how would you like it if you just escaped war and danger only to be sent back to square one.
    2) Because if Australia thinks their here to cause trouble, why would they risk being sent back to the country that they were trying to escape in the first place.

    NO, Australia shouldn’t allow refugees into this country
    1) Because they might think that they can do anything they want and do something wrong unknowingly. It might be hard or cost money for the Australian government to help them to settle in.
    2) Because Australia has to keep its own safety in mind, some refugees could carry diseases from their countries or be here to cause trouble.
    3) Because most people have to go through immigration systems and it is very hard for them to get into Australia and they might think it is unfair if the refugees are just ‘let in’

    • Wonderful points Ryan. Your ‘no’ points have been written in a very fair manner where you aren’t blaming refugees, but rather suggesting they could do something wrong “unknowingly.”

      You are a real humanitarian =)

      Mrs Wong

  3. Ethan says:

    Yes Australia should let refugees into the country.

    1) Australia should let refugees in because the people could be in danger at their own country. How would you feel if you were in great danger at your own country and then to be rejected from another country after you have came miles to be safe?

    2) Australia should let refugees in because some people could have loved ones in Australia and would want to be with them. If you weren’t aloud to see any of your loved ones how do you think you would feel. If you wouldn’t like it then why would you do it to other people?

    3) Australia should let refugees in because we still have heaps and heaps of space in Australia. If there is lots of space why would you want to leave it plain and boring if you could have it big and colourful and you could even make a new tourist attraction.

    No Australia shouldn’t let refugees into the country.

    1) Australia shouldn’t let refugees into the country because the asylum seekers could be planning a tourist attack and would kill many people. If this happened it would cost Australia lots of money and we would get less tourists.

    2) Australia shouldn’t let refugees into the country because they could start a war in Australia. If this happened it would cause mayhem in Australia and would kill many Australians just because of one wrong choice.

    3) Australia shouldn’t let refugees into the country because it is illegal to come over by boat. If we tried to go to their country they would send us straight back to Australia.

  4. Ramitha says:

    In my opinion, I would say YES. Australia should allow refugees in the country. BUT, I understand that there are two sides to every argument, therefore, I will give reasons for both sides of the argument.
    Reasons for my opinion:
    1. A direct quote from the National Anthem is ‘Renowned of all the lands, for those who’ve come across the seas we’ve boundless plains to share.’ It’s in our National Anthem so it’s part of our code.
    2. Australia is part of the United Nations. In order to be united, we have to share our lands and all of our freedom with other countries. If we won’t ‘be united’ then why should we be in the UNITED NATIONS?
    3. Our country is a land free of war. We have products, a good economy and a beautiful country.It
    is only right that we should be able to share our wonderful country.

    Reasons for the Opposition:
    1. Why can’t refugees stay in their OWN country and fight for their OWN rights. If they can cross their borders, they should be able to do a feat like this!
    2. We have to pay our money for taxes already but since refugees started coming to Australia, we have to pay even more money to pay to run the detention centres. We shouldn’t be doing this.
    3. Australia belongs to Australians. Hence the name AUSTRALIA. If we allow others to come, yeah it’ll help them, but it’ll be worse for us. Just read my 2 reasons above!

  5. NiamhC says:

    1. Australia should allow refugees into the country because they have suffered countless of times. The journey to Australia would have definitely been rough so we shouldn’t send them back on that
    horrific journey again.

    2. The refugees who came here usually come because a war has broken out in their home country. They are not violent or harmful in anyway way all they want is a safe and secure home for them and their family.

    3. Refugees are real people and suffer from so many horrific things. They are just like you and me so what difference does it make if we let them in. The difference it does make is so many more people are out of danger and will live a happy and save life.
    1. Many people coming from different countries by choice have to apply for visas and spend lots of money to get into our boarders. This is why people think refugees should not be let in because they haven’t gone through that process. Like many other people have to do.

    2. We should not let refugees in as they cause violence and protests. Australia will not be ‘the safe country’ if we keep letting refugees in.

    3. Australia has to look after it’s own people let alone refugees who have just turned up on our shores. Refugees will cause a lot of problems and make life unfair for Australian citizens.

  6. Bernie P says:

    Yes …I believe that Australia should allow refugees into the country.

    1) I believe that Australians should allow refugees into our country because they are the ones who need help, who need support and ultimately need a home and need a fresh start in life.
    2) Refugees may come from a dark background full of misery and horror, so imagine how they would feel if they started a new life where they are free and safe.
    3) I think refugees should be treated as equals and shouldn’t be treated any different to other people.

    No…I believe refugees should not be allowed in Australia.

    1) We don’t know these people that seek asylum or what they will do once they have entered Australia.
    2) Some refugees could be carrying fatal but unknown diseases into Australia which could cause a major outbreak.

    • I like your descriptive words of, “dark background full of misery and horror.” It paints a picture of what some refugees have and are unfortunately experiencing and shows me you are understanding their situation.

      Mrs Wong

  7. Veronica says:

    1. We should take care of everyone even if they are not the same ,they could be different religion but to them you are different religion too.
    2. They have done nothing to us so why should we be mean to them, if we be mean to them they would be mean to us and that can create a war.
    3. Pretend you are the people that need help ,you would need water, food and shelter too ,we should not just turn our back to them and send them away.

    1. Australia has enough people to look after they do not need another mouth to feed let alone 5 families or even more than we can handle.
    2. If we keep on letting people come into Australia we would get over populated and we would have to cut down more trees that means less forests and more pollution.
    3. We already have people who need help in Australia if the government turns away to the sick and poor they will get worse and worse.

    • Enjoyed reading your thoughts Veronica. When you said to put yourself in their shoes, it reminded me how lucky I am. When my family came to Australia like all our relatives did at some stage, we weren’t placed in detention centres. We were fortunate enough to experience a different kind of welcome.

      Mrs Wong.

  8. Kerry says:

    This is what I believe in this topic,

    Yes, we should let in refugees:
    1.These people do deserve to come to Australia after what they have suffered. Some refugees have been through what we Australians would never have dreamed of! They do deserve to have a shelter, a place where they feel save but most of all, a place to call home.
    2.Refugees mean no harm and are kind and friendly people. Australia only want the good people in and want to keep the bad out. But why would they not let in the refugees? They are not criminals, they are human.
    3.Refugees will be able to be educated well and will learn english. This will mean that they can strive to do there best academically so that they will achieve great marks in school.

    1. If we let in refugees, Australia will get over populated and most people will think that we let in whoever and whenever. Australia will be taken for granted and will not be respected as much as before. Also, if we let in to many people, we are going to find it hard to give them a home.
    2.We are going to find it hard to supply food for the refugees. Farmers will not be able to supply enough fresh produce for us Australians, migrants and refugees. Diners will also be over worked.
    3.Australian schools will have to many students and half may not speak english. This will be hard for teachers and they may struggle to teach a class who doesn’t speak english.

    So in conclusion, I think that Australia should let in refugees because I would like to believe that Australia is a caring, understanding and multicultural country. I don’t see why not we can let in refugees?

    • Well thought out and elaborated points Kerry. There is so much controversy around the topic of refugees that we can forget that they are people at the end of the day.

      I enjoyed your “no” points when you referred to economic and education issues.

      Mrs Wong

  9. Taylor says:

    Yes Australia should let refugees into our country because…
    1. These people should get the same medical care as us Australians so that they are nice, fit and heathy
    2. They need food and water to survive and shelter so they have a home to live in and so they don’t have to live on the streets.
    3. In Australia we dont have all these bombs and guns shooting and fighting all the time, so Australia would definately be a better enviroment for these refugees and especially their young children.

    No Australians should not let refugees into our conty because…
    1. Australians have to look after our own people let alone other people from other third world countries.
    2. In our country we have struggling people to look after and to care for and besides Australia already as a massive population of people.
    3. In Australia we need to cater for our own people and their families with supplies such as food, water and shelter and also education for their young children.

    • You’re right Taylor in saying that Australia is struggling to deal with poverty and homelessness amongst locals. The question is though, where would you draw the line between helping refugees fleeing war/death and people who are struggling with poverty in our own cities?

      Mrs Wong.

  10. Tyler says:

    Should Australia allow refugees into the country to seek shelter or protection from danger?
    1) Because I think it is cruel to leave people to die of starvation, illnesses or wounds. We have the facilities to help cure refugees so why don’t we put our resources to good use and make their lives better.
    2) Many refugees have been sent to Detention Centers and put ‘behind bars’. Imagine if you were a refugee seeking shelter, food or water and you were put in a horrible place were you will stay for the rest of your life.
    3) They could come from their home town which has just had a bombing and they will need lots of support.

    Refugees shouldn’t be allowed to come into Australia
    1) They could be carrying a disease or some sort of illness that could spread into Australia.
    2) We don’t know what they will do once they come into Australia.
    3) If one person comes and we allow them into Australia and then more people come and we don’t let them in, it’s not really that fair.

  11. It definitely is a complex situation isn’t it Tyler? Though we want to help refugees for reasons you’ve mentioned such as illnesses, wounds and starvation, Australia can’t take them all. So should we help none at all as you’ve said in point 3 for ‘no’ because it’s not fair?

    You’ve demonstrated to me you clearly understand the issues both for and against refugees coming in Australia. Keep up the good work.

    Mrs Wong.

  12. Adrian says:

    Yes I think Australia should allow refugees into this country because-

    They might have some trouble in their country, so they are force to leave country to go to another one. So now they have to try and find another country to live in.
    Maybe the food that they needed might cost a lot in the country that they are living in now, so allowing them to move to another country allows them to have the right amount of food that they are needed for their family.
    They might be forced to leave their country due to war, their environment, etc. So maybe it’s hard for them to live in the country.

    No, they shouldn’t allow into this country because-

    a)They might ruin the environment.

    b)They might be criminals or terrorists. So they might kill people that is living in the country.

    c)If the government let a refugee in, more and more will want to come.If the government doesn’t let a certain people in they can get quite aggressive or sad.

  13. Mihan says:


    1. All humans are equal and we should not exclude people of any raise, religion or rights. Asylum seekers all around the world are crying for help, and we should allow them to seek refuge in a such a magnificent country as Australia. After all there would be no such thing as refugees if governments didn’t fight for land, power and money. These foolish choices had not only created so many refugees but could throw us in ‘World War 3’
    – Equality

    2. Asylum seekers from many parts of our world not only need help but they are suffering from many fatal diseases: Cholera, dehydration, starvation, malnutrition and many more illnesses. Not many people are reaching out and helping these people who suffer, and without proper treatment and diagnosis they will all begin dying – dramatically reducing the population of our world.
    – Medical

  14. luke says:

    Should refugees be aloud into Australia.
    1. Because if you think of being locked up in the detention center would you like it? I think that
    refugees should be allowed to come into Australia.
    2.I think that refugees should be allowed in because it will make our population larger and they could all live better lives rather than wasting it.
    3.I think they should because of the wars going on they are all trying to kill each other. I’d hate to wake up every morning and know that i could be the aim for others.
    1.Because if we let them in they could be carrying some diseases that could be deadly.
    2 They could come in and try to kill other people and try to let others in to the Country without permission.
    3. They could come in and disobey the law and then others will come in and disobey the laws and take over Australia.

    • Enjoyed reading your thoughts Luke. I liked how you put yourself in their shoes. This highlights your ability to connect with the issues. It’s a credit to you. Well done.

      Mrs Wong.

  15. Mihan says:


    1. When refugees immigrate to foreign countries they do not understand the rules and regulation that are enforced. Therefore they could unintentionally break laws, which can put a bad impression on our country. This is why many people, not only of the government or political party despise refugees but also believe that they are criminals and immigrate to our country to create chaos are terrorize citizens of Australia.

    2. Coming from foreign areas, refugees could carry lethal diseases which people in Australia do not want. These diseases that asylum seekers carry with them to our country could be contagious and possibly fatal. That’s why the government want to check the refugees to see if they carry any diseases so they don’t give it to any Australians and to keep Australia safe. Australia may be open to immigrants, but we don’t want them to bring in diseases, so we examine them to see if their bodies contain any viruses.

    • Mihan where is your third point? Your first two were so insightful and well written, I was looking forward to hearing more! =)

      All very strong and valid points Mihan. Keep those brain juices flowing because you have great ideas. Well done.

      Mrs Wong.

  16. Jessica says:

    Yes refugees should be allowed into the country
    1) refugees need a better country to live in because there country may have had a bombing of war. Australia dose not have bombings or wars so people (refugees) will want to come here for a better life.2) Refugees are still people and who cares if they come from a different country they still need a place to call home and 32,000 refugees don’t have a place to call home. I believe all refugees need a home and food to feel like they belong in Australia.3) Refugees are a lot less safe then as what we take for granted most people don’t have. Most refugees have to cross deadly fields to get here and we don’t let them into the country.
    No refugees should not be allowed into the country
    1) Refugees may be sick with bail belly and come into Australia and give it to us
    2) If to meany people come into Australia we will have alot of polution and refugees will make more polution
    3) Most refugees don’t no how to speek english so half of the chidren will not no how to comunicate.

    • We are fortunate that Australia isn’t in the mist of war unlike many other countries. I absolutely agree that is a reason why refugees would want to come to Australia Jess. Great points.

      Mrs Wong

  17. joseph says:

    No I don’t think Refugees should be aloud into Australia.

    1. My first reason is because they could carry diseases into our country and it could spread around and every one could get sick.
    2. No because if we let the refugees into our country it can over populated, what if every one wanted to come into Australia?
    3. Once we let them into Australia they might not follow the law.

    Yes I think we should let refugees into our country.
    1. Yes we should let them in because we have heaps of room for more people in our country like north of Perth.
    2. Yes because Australia is a multicultural Country. These are some of the culters we have in Australia Indians, Asians, Africans.
    3. We have heaps of jobs where they can work around Western Australia up north down south.

  18. John says:

    YES Australia should allow refugees into this country because…
    1)Refugees are humans they should be treated equally.It’s not fair for the refugees, they should have a life like normal people not criminals.

    2)It could affect the image of Australia. If Australia doesn’t let refugees in they could think it’s a country that is not good as what they think.

    3)Refugees should be able to get medical care.Their are lots of kids and adult dying of starvation, war and diseases, these people are mostly from Africa where there is a lot of fights and have no supplies of food, medicine and not even water.

    NO Australia shouldn’t let refugees into this country because…

    1)Refugees could be criminals,terrorists or someone like that. Nobody knows what the refugees did before or nobody knows who they are?

    2)Refugees are going to find it pretty hard to learn a another countries culture just like what I did, because of cultural shock and the language they use. It is a proven fact that Australia is the 2nd most expensive to live in (Japan is first),but then how are refugees going to live?. We already got lots of poor people and then it’s up to the government. If government turns their back on them their going to suffer even worse.

    3) If we let everybody in, are image may be good but we’ll soon run out of food,house and even water, just like China.

    In conclusion I’d like to say Australia should let refugees in.

  19. alyssa says:

    1 Refugees need a place to live if we reject them they would have to go back home and what ever forced them to leave would just happen…

    2 If the refugees came from Africa in the places of war then they would have to go back there and try not to get killed by the people who burn there houses down.

    3 Yes i think we should let refugees in because Australia has lots to offer like: school, homes, safety and police that help us.

    1NO they also should not be let into Australia because they would try to change our culture into theres.

    2 If we let every refugees in then our population will over load and we will become a little like China from all the pollution, will be crowded and people living on the street.

    3 Since we’re letting all the refugees take the homes, all the Australian homeless people are not being taken care off so thats why theres 32,000 Australian youth out on the street.

  20. Nick says:

    These are my ideas on the topic,
    Reasons not to let refugees into Australia;

    1. Australia doesn’t necessarily ‘need’ refugees, Australia has a substancial amount of people working already and we dont wont such a beautiful country,as ours,to become overflown with people needing jobs,food,water and of course homes.
    2. Although Australia is a loving country and we want to help people,such as refugees, we do not have the resources to put into thousands of people homes and other necessities,which will cost our government millions and millions of dollars e.g tax. We need to help ourselves first before we can help others.
    3. The trip to Australia,even Christmas Island is very dangerous and accidents will and always do happen. When an accident does happen,because it is usually in Australia’s waters,we are left to clean up. I mean there could be oils and toxic materials aboard the ship that could pollute our waters.

    Reasons we should let refugees into Australia;

    1. Refugees are human beings. I believe,for the human race to thrive,we all need to work together and help each other. It is not,usually, a refugees fault they have to flee their country, they do it because they don’t want to be slaughtered by a horrible army.
    2. Refugees have,most likely, experienced major traumas in their live and want to live a happy life.They want their children to be safe from the gangs and other things and dont want to die themselves. Australia has basically nothing even near as horrible as the stuff that these people would go through every day.
    3. I think i am safe to say that for all refugees that they would love to be an Australian. If we respect that and put them in the right place they can work for Australia and make us an even better country. We also have to teach them our culture so they fit in.

    • Excellent Nick! Really impressed with your ideas.

      Your responses were really well thought out. Your reasons ‘for and ‘against’ were fair, objective and emphathetic. Overall your answers have dtemonstrated your maturity and understanding in the complexity of this issue.

      Mrs Wong

  21. codey says:

    No –

    1.sometimes they shouldn’t let them in because they cause trouble by stealing.

    2.because sometime they don’t pay there fee’s and they get everything for free.

    3.because some australians need a home to live in too not people from other country’s

    yes –

    1.they’re children are going to get hurt if they don’t make the journey to a much safer country.

    2.refugees should be allowed into Australia because it is a safe haven.

    3. They should be allowed in because refugees are people too.

    • All very valid points Codey. It’s wonderful hearing your thoughts. You have made a point not many other students have saying, “refugees don’t pay fees and get everything for free.” Where did you hear this from? Also if this is the case, what strategies can you think of that can change this where both Australia and refugees win?

      Well done Codey.
      Mrs Wong

  22. baylee-_- 0_o :) says:

    NO Australia should not allow refugees into the country –
    refugees will sometimes not follow the rules and can take up alot of space
    because australians need places to live too
    Yes Australis should allow refugees into the country –

    1.refugees are people too the are not monsters

    2.australia is a free country and we do not stop people from coming to australia

    they aren’t doing any harm to us are they!!!!!?????? so why stop them from coming in to australia,just because they dont fly in first class to australia dosent mean they are criminals!

    3.if i came back from a 7 day cruise to another island no one will stop me, so why stop refugees.

    peace out!!

    • Baylee it’s great to see you contributing your thoughts. You have made some valid points. In regards to your last point, what’s the difference between you and a refugee though Baylee? I know your point is that you are both human, but why would a refugee be stopped and not you?

      Mrs Wong

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