Siren Sounded on Racism in Football

The incident at the football this weekend, where a 13 year old girl racially abused Adam Goodes, has created quite a storm. I am interested to know what you think about the following:

a) Why do you think the girl thought it was okay to abuse Adam in this way?

b) Do you think she was aware that her comment was ‘Racist’?

c) What do you think the wider implications for the girl are likely to be?

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13 Responses to Siren Sounded on Racism in Football

  1. Mihan says:

    The thirteen year old teenager must’ve believed it was okay to insult Goodes because all around her people could’ve been howling out inappropriate words or rowdy comments. Therefore this might have influenced the teenager to cry out a remark of her own.

  2. Mihan says:

    I believed that the comment stated by the young teenager (‘ape’) shouldn’t have been said, and at this age she should have realised that whether or not it was racist it wasn’t a polite thing to say. In my opinion I believe that it was a racist and insulting thing to say, and the young teenager should have realised not to say it.

  3. Joshua says:

    (A) I don’t, I think that she did NOT know it was mean and that she learned the words from her parents or from someone else. I also think that here parents may have told her that it was alright to taunt players with mean and spiteful comments because of the amount of taunts years before 1993 before the Nicky Winmar took a stand.

    (B) Yes but as I have stated before on A, the statement she may have learned from others, parents or even people that she may have admired or known. I am almost positive that she DID know that it was racist because any 13 year old boy or girl should know that it was racist or mean.

    (C) Yes because she could learn from people coming up to her and talking. She already knows that it was not the right thing to say and SHOULD know that people will try to help her. If not then she probably already has been talked to.

  4. Nick says:

    This is my opinion on the matter:
    a) I think the girl thought it was ok to say what she did because she may have heard her peers, other adults,someone in the crowd or even her friends say racist things about Adam Goods.
    b) I personally do not believe that she thought it would have such a big effect on Adam Goods. Again,she may have heard it from someone in the crowd.
    c) I think she should publicly apologise to Adam Goods for saying racist things to him and apologise to everyone her actions have affected.

  5. Bernie says:

    In my opinion…..
    1) I believe that there was no reason to abuse Adam like that. There is no excuse for what she said being 13 she should be more mature than that but she also might have had been brought up like that where she can call her mum or dad names like that and she doesn’t get in trouble or maybe she’s just trying to get attention. Who knows.
    2) I believe that being the age that she is she should be aware of racism a how it might effect people. Some people believe that she could’ve heard it in the crowd but being 13 means you should be mature enough to know that it is unexceptionable behaviour.
    3) I personally believe that she should give a public apology to Adam for her behaviour and to ensure that she is aware that it is wrong to be racist she should give a pubic speech to why being racist is so inappropriate and mean!

  6. Ethan says:

    A) She could of thought it was fine to call Adam an ape because she has heard other people say and most people that are white say a lot of offensive stuff about aboriginals.

    B) Yes I do think she knew it was racism that she used because at the age of 13 everyone should know what racism is and most children that age have most likely learnt about racism before.

    C) I think she will get pushed around a lot at school because of the amount of aboriginals at her school. If all of the aboriginals find out about what she said to Adam they will most likely take as offensive as he did because they are the same colour.

  7. Taylor says:

    a) I believe that the girl thought it was ok to say the word because maybe she doesn’t know what the word meant or she doesn’t know what rasium is and how it can effect people.
    b) No because she didn’t know what her comment to Adam Goods meant and she didn’t know that it would be so serious and very racisit towards Adam Goods.
    c) With her personal life i beileve that she might get a hard time from people at her school and even people that are just walking in the street or if they even see her at the shopping markets they could abuse her and call her horrible names because they believe that the girl shouldn’t of said it. A lot of people think it is very wrong to say a very rude remark like that.

  8. Ryan OS says:

    a) Why do you think the girl thought it was ok to abuse Adam Goodes in this way?
    I think she thought what she said was ok because, either she didn’t think Adam Goodes would hear what she said or she doesn’t understand how important her statement was.

    b) Do you think that she was aware that her comment was ‘Racist’?
    I think she did know that her statement was racist. The girl was thirteen years old, I’m younger and even I know that saying something like that is stupid and racist. She also may have heard someone in the crowd say it, and thought if they can say things like that, why cant she?

    c) What do you think the wider implications for the girl are likely to be?
    I think people will forget about it because it’s not the biggest crime of the century. I think that the aboriginal students at her school wont be very happy with her. Even though what she did was unacceptable, people shouldn’t linger over it, whats done is done.

  9. Tyler says:

    a) Why do you think the girl thought it was okay to abuse Adam in this way?
    I think she has probably heard that racism in the past was not a problem and that offending people at the football used to be ‘normal’. The fact that her mum was sitting right next to her and did not do anything about the racial comment kind of gives you a clue of were she might of heard insult. She could of heard other people say it and thought it was alright to abuse indigenous people.

    b) Do you think she was aware that her comment was ‘Racist’?
    I think that she was aware because we have been learning about Racism and some of us are not even her age (13). She has most likely been learning about Racism at her own school. Besides, even if she did know, she still knows that it was offensive and she should not of said it.

    c) What do you think the wider implications for the girl are likely to be?
    She should be educated more about Racism and the consequences that will apply to her comments. She will get a ‘hard time’ at school, not only from the Sydney Swan supporters but from everyone that follows AFL Football.

  10. joseph says:

    (A) Maybe she was brought up in that way so she thought in was okay to say what she said obviously not because Goods didn’t like IT.

    (B) Yes of course it was racist, she wouldn’t liked to be called an (APE) would she. No I wouldn’t think so. Why did she have to say anything.

    (C) I think because she’s 13 year’s old there is severe consequences that could happen. She should be ashamed of her self.

  11. Milan says:

    The 13 year old girl probably thought it was okay to call Adam Goodes an ‘ape’ because she probably heard other people say it in the crowd.There is also a good chance that the name calling was influenced by her parents’.Her parents’ might have said something bad and the girl followed her parents’ foot steps.Another likely reason could be that she is used to this kind of bad language from home and probably thought nobody would hear her over the loud shouting and cheering.

    The 13 year-old girl was surely not aware that this was a racist comment.She probably just heard the other people saying it so she thought it was okay.But its not okay at all. She probably thought of saying this comment because Adam Goodes has a beard.

    I think that the girl is going to be embarrassed when she goes back to school and i think her friends will never look at her the same way again.All the people she knows will be utterly disappointed at her for being racist.

  12. BAYLEE o_O says:

    A) I think that the girl heard it from a perent



  13. Mihan says:

    This girl is a disgrace to the community, and her unruly behaviour at the A.F.L stadium has led to an array of implications to her deeds. I believe that this girl should be disciplined and punished for her poor behaviour. Her image at school should not be thought of as ‘awesome’ because she attracted the media, but she should feel guilty and regretful of her unsatisfactory behaviour. This actions of such a young person is staggering and should not be tolerated by our country.

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