Handy Hints When Blogging

You should refer to this poster before you post your comments to ensure that you are using the blog appropriately.


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One Response to Handy Hints When Blogging

  1. Milan says:

    Refugees should be allowed to enter Australia:
    a) Refugees are human, just like us and should not be treated like aliens from another planet.
    b) Refugees need a place to call home.Most refugees come from countries at war and travel for many week or even months just to get to Australia to find that they are not allowed into the country.THAT IS CERTAINLY NOT RIGHT!!!
    c) Refugees could be a helping hand and could help build the economy by taking up jobs and make money for their children.

    Refugees should not be allowed in Australia;
    a) Refugees usually come from countries that are polluted and not hygienic and could most definitely carry diseases.
    b) Refugees could be bad people with a big criminal past and could come in gangs and terrorize Australia.Then Australia could turn into a battle field.
    c) If too many refugees come to Australia, it will overpopulate Australia.

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